Hasso-Plattner-Institut Potsdam Operating Systems and Middleware Group at HPI University of Potsdam, Germany
Operating Systems and Middleware Group at HPI

Operating Systems and Middleware Group

Seminar SoSe 2018

Tuesday, 11:00 - 12:30, Building C, 1st Floor

About this seminar

The research seminar "Trends in Operating Systems" is targeted at students who are planning to do their Master's project or Master's thesis with the Operating Systems and Middleware group. We also invite Master's students who are generally interested in OS research.

Students can enroll in the seminar and earn 3 or 6 ECTS credits. To earn 3 credits, a prospective candidate has to study recent publications (~3-5) in a topic area (see the list at the bottom of this page). The candidate then has to deliver a presentation in our seminar and hand in a report. To earn 6 credits, we expect students to work on a hands-on project, which may involve implementation or evaluation work in addition to the presentation. Regular attendance is required in order to earn credits.

You report should consist of roughly 8-12 pages LNCS or 4-6 pages IEEE.

List of Events

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Date Topic Speaker
10.04. Master's Thesis Introduction
Programmierschnittstellen für Zukünftige Netzwerkprotokolle
Sven Knebel
Master's Thesis Introduction
AMD Secure Processor
Christian Werling
17.04. FutureSOC Lab Day
24.04. Master's Thesis Defense
Entwurf einer einheitlichen Middleware zur Policy-Durchsetzung in Multi-Cloud-Infrastrukturen
Jan Mattfeld
19.06. Terraforming the Cloud – Auf dem Weg zur standardisierten Beschreibung von Softwarekomponenten, Infrastruktur und Middleware (Abstract)

Seminarvortrag: Vergleich OpenCL: CPU/GPU vs. FPGA
Wolfgang Schult

Arne Herdick
03.07. Seminarvortrag: Siemens Road Side Units

Seminarvortrag: MetalFS Operators and Profiling of FPGA File Systems
Melvin Witte

Robert Schmid
10.07. Ph.D. Thesis Presentation:
Ansätze zur Integration von Beschleunigern ins Betriebssystem
Frank Feinbube
17.07. Master's Thesis Presentation:
Interfaces for New Networking Challenges
Sven Knebel
11.09. Presentation: Ideas for a Master's Thesis
Computer-Aided Analysis of ECG Data (slides)
Jonas Chromik
For requests regarding the schedule, feel free to contact lukas.pirl@hpi.de.


  • Presentation: 30-45min
  • Hand in slides and report
  • Talk to the supervisor prior to the presentation
    • At least three weeks prior to the presentation: define directions and papers to read
    • At least one week prior to the presentation: discuss quality of slides
  • Be prepared for a Q&A (discussions, backup slides, ...)
  • Attendance is expected


The following is a list of possible topics grouped by broader research topics investigated at the OSM group. The list ismainly inspired by the current research directions at the chair.
However, feel free to suggest cross-cutting and further topics.