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Operating Systems and Middleware Group at HPI

DRMAA Working Group

The Global Grid Forum (GGF) is a community-initiated forum of thousands of individuals from industry and research leading the global standardization effort for grid computing.

Our group participates in the work of the Distributed Resource Management Application API Working Group (DRMAA), which develops an API specification for the submission and control of jobs to one or more Distributed Resource Management (DRM) systems.

Below you find some of the results of our work in the group.

Language Bindings

  • Latest version of the DRMAA .NET binding at GridForge

DRMAA Tutorials

  • Slides for our part in the GGF12 DRMAA tutorial : ggf12_tutorial.pdf
  • GGF12 example source code for distributed povray rendering, including DRMAA-enabled configure script : dpovray_ggf12.tgz
    Please note that this code does not work with Condor version <= 6.7.1.